Where it all began

May 22, 2021

How Apostle came to be 
The idea to start a brand first came whilst deployed on operations overseas. One thing you have a lot of whilst deployed is time, time to think and reflect. Whilst out on the ground (outside of the base) it dawned on me that the very sand I was standing on, men had fought and fell throughout history. The same lands you hear stories about in the Bible, thousands of years on, still the stage for battles of biblical proportions. It was an interesting and unique experience that put into perspective a slice of our history. Fast forward a few months and I am back in camp unwinding to a documentary, something to do with the history of Jerusalem and the word Apostle jumps out at me. Upon looking up the meaning, "The one who is sent out" it instantly resonated with the connotation of being in the military and going out on operations. Particularly for me, the link between the land I was in at the time and the historical use of the word really gave the brand name meaning for me. I think a lot of serving and ex service men and women will relate to the name and its meaning, but it will also ring true to anyone who really believes in what they do. An Apostle is a staunch supporter of a cause, someone who gives their all and truly believes they have a purpose, this can be anyone - it could be you. Therefore, I felt the name Apostle allowed us to stay true to our military roots, our link to history and also appeal to a wider audience of like minded individuals. And the rest is history.