Our Story

The brand was born during numerous operations overseas while serving in the Parachute Regiment. It all started in the desert - inspired by veteran owned brands, our founder 'Babbs' started to research menswear and began to dream.

Many fashion brands use designs that originated from military uniforms that were created out of a necessity during tumultuous times - but they have been sanitised by fast fashion brands and far removed from their origins. Frustrated by this lack of acknowledgment, Apostle Tactical was conceived.

It started with one logo t-shirt in two colours with numerous 'silly' designs that never made to print. The t-shirts were soon joined by garment dyed pieces and Apostle grew into the menswear brand it is today and continues to grow - with customers all around the globe.

Apostle was founded as a reaction to designer brands with a determination to create unique, coveted menswear that celebrates masculinity and our heritage. We design with the intention for our garments to last a lifetime—Timeless for men and beyond trends, with quality being our top priority.

With a clear core and distinct aesthetic, the brand expands into a universe of creativity and new thinking. Drawing inspiration from militaria, history and it's people, Apostle pieces are intrinsically linked to our past.

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