Apostle is a UK veteran owned and operated business

We're in the business of producing authentic, original military inspired products that make the crossover of casual and sportswear. Drawing inspiration from vintage military style, we intend to create quality fashion proudly inspired by our military heritage. Through some of our designs we strive to pay homage to those serving past and present.

When you purchase a garment from Apostle, you're not just buying a generic T-shirt thats been printed by a third party. We're involved in every aspect of the design and manufacture of our garments - everything from the fabric, colours and stitching has been carefully thought through to achieve a truly original piece of clothing. Due to our military service, our attention to detail is second to none and we hold ourselves to an extremely high standard, therefore you will find the quality of our products top tier.

From humble beginnings in December 2018 we started our journey with Apostle and we've came a long way from just two t shirts, yet we are still only just getting started. Already we are well established among the veteran owned clothing community in the UK and we don't plan on stopping there, so if you've just found us - welcome to the party.

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Gabardine overshirt - From concept to reality
August 27, 2021

Gabardine overshirt - From concept to reality

Take a behind the scenes look at our latest project, a gabardine overshirt. We've got prototype photo's and some insight into the creative process.

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Why the name Apostle ancient carving.
May 22, 2021

Where it all began

An insight into how Apostle came to be and why the name is relevant to us.

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