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Garment dyeing is an art whose best practices are closely guarded by those in the know.

It is the process of dyeing a garment as the final step in production as opposed to the traditional method of using pre-dyed fabric from the beginning.

By using this technique, we achieve a whole new dimension in the fabric. The dye collects in the crevices and stitching, creating a darker tone while leaving lighter tones in the raised areas of the fabric. The result is a unique, turbo charged version of the garment full of character and depth of colour - unrivalled by clothes made from standard pre-dyed fabric.

The process comes at a cost and is why many brands choose not to delve into the world of garment dyeing. The technique is tough on the garments - putting them through an intense hot wash of dye in giant washing machines. If the fabric is cheap, the workmanship poor or you get unlucky - the clothes will unravel, fabric and thread torn from their place. Only the strong survive.

The risks are big but so are the rewards. Get it right and you have a truly stand out piece of clothing.

Garment dyed

OD cargo trousers

Why do we like it so much?

In the British military there is a culture of looking 'ally' - which essentially means cool. The more sun-faded, ripped and rugged your kit and combat clothing was the more 'ally' you were. The worn out look is associated with time served on operations and good old hard work.

Garment dyeing gives us exactly this look without having to drag our new clothes through the field and wash them ten times in the name of 'allyness'.

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