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Kyiv to Northampton

War Trophies

In defence of their home and statehood the Ukrainians have remained stoic, resilient and resourceful. One way in which they are raising much needed funds is by tapping into the collectors market.

The invasion of Ukraine is the biggest conflict since WW2 and in the background a collectors market for militaria is buzzing with a demand for trophies from places such as the trenches of Bakhmut and Avdiivka.

In Kyiv, just a stones throw from the famous St.Michaels golden-domed monastery is an outdoor shop called 'Komanda-Ex'. On the outside it looks like any other outdoor store selling all of the brands and items you'd expect - but step inside and you'll find this shop is like no other in the world. Inside is an Aladins cave of expended rocket launchers, bullet riddled helmets and Russian flags torn from their perches by brave men in the heat of battle. All for sale, prices negotiable and all money exchanging hands goes right back to where it's needed - purchasing desperately needed equipment and supplies for the frontline.

The Komanda-Ex team make almost weekly trips to the frontline delivering supplies and returning to Kyiv with more trophies to fund the next trip.

When 'Petro' got in contact with us on instagram asking if we could help them out there was no question about it. For over 18 months we've been using our network to raise money and support for Ukraine.

When we put the call out for an urgent need of combat uniforms, our followers showed their true colours and we were inundated with donations - a truly proud moment to be British and we are forever grateful for the calibre of people we have following the brand.


A message from the frontline

We make no money from the sale of trophies and do this at a small loss by covering any shipping, packaging and import fee's to ensure the Ukrainians get 100% of any money raised.

If you are interested in supporting our Ukraine initiative - whether that be donating uniforms, equipment or purchasing battlefield trophies please contact us at with the subject matter 'Ukraine'.